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Zurich, Switzerland


January 8, 2004
Lost in a City of Professors

My plane landed at about 7:30pm, I got off, went to the bathroom, exchanged money, went through customs, and bought a train ticket within about 20 minutes; at 8:10 I got on the train to downtown which took 10 minutes... unbelievable.

The directions to the hotel, however were poor and I got lost, but found my way with the help of a few locals. No sooner had I arrived, did I leave to see the city. The temperature outside was three degrees, which was steamy compared to Russia, so I went without a coat.

The city is incredible, the sidewalks and side streets are all stone and very narrow. The area is hilly so there are very narrow streets winding up hills between buildings. The architecture has a very medieval feel about it on the streets, but the night life and interiors bring me to the modern day and are very stylish.

The people speak German and it seemed everywhere you go there are young couples strolling the streets alongside older men, who look like professors, very elegantly dressed and many times in groups, eating and drinking. The attitude seemed to be very positive and relaxed; the people very helpful and kind. I felt very safe and felt like I got sent back 500 years into the past to a city that still exists in looks, feel, and history, but modern in reality.

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