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Architecture of Bahrain

Bahraini Architecture - Manama

There are few early buildings of great significance in Bahrain. As a fairly deserted island few people lived here therefore there were few buildings. Of those early structures that were built most were wood houses that have since been destroyed. There were also some coral buildings.

In the 1000s the Suq al Khamis Mosque was built, although most of what is seen today has been renovated or added more recently. Another early piece of architecture is the Qal'at (1500s), which was a trading post and fort from as early as the 200s BC.

In the 1800s Bahrain gained more influence, power, and money and therefore began to build more solid houses. The Muharraq neighborhood of Manama is home to many of these homes, including the Palace of Sheikh Isa.

Little additional architecture of note was added to the country until the modern and post-modern movements arrived. Today Bahrain has a number of buildings in these styles and in the capital of Manama it is impossible to miss these modern skyscrapers.

This page was last updated: March, 2013