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Geography, Weather, & Wildlife of Bangladesh


Bangladeshi Geography - Forest

Bangladesh sits in South Asia on the Bay of Bengal, which is situated to its south. On nearly three sides Bangladesh is surrounded by India, although in its far southeast the country shares a border with Myanmar.

Bangladesh is a very low-lying flatland that is little more than the Ganges River delta. This delta, the largest in the world is prone to flooding and during certain seasons can flood over half the country.


Bangladeshi Geography - Hills

Bangladesh has three seasons, a hot season, monsoon or rainy season, and a cold season. Throughout the year Bangladesh is quite humid. The hot season (March-June) is often times very humid with daytime highs reaching 100° F (38° C) or hotter; during this time there are also occasional storms. The monsoon or rainy season runs from June to November and experiences regular rain and even higher humidity. During this time temperatures average 80° F (27° C) and the rain comes down so hard and often, both in Bangladesh and in the mountains that feed the rivers, that flooding occurs nearly every year. The winter season lasts from about December to February and tends to be the driest season. Temperatures also dip, although temperature averages still stay around 65° F (18° C), daily highs get higher and nights tend to get a little cooler.


Bangladeshi Wildlife - Tiger

Bangladesh's weather makes it an ideal home to many species, but impossible for others to live. The most well-known animal from the country is the Bengal Tiger, but this isn't the only large mammal as deer and wolves are present as are smaller mammals. The sea life is also incredible as the country essentially consists of a river delta and a long coastline with the Bay of Bengal; there are thousands of fish and shellfish in these waters.

The birds in the country are also impressive; among these the migratory water fowl perhaps have it best as they pass through and fish in the many rivers and streams. There are also dozens of amphibians and reptiles, with amphibians ruling the count with the abundant water access.

This page was last updated: April, 2013