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Geography, Weather, & Wildlife of Bosnia & Herzegovina


Bosnian Geography - Jahorina Mountains
Jahorina Mountains

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a country on the Balkan Peninsula that reaches out to the Adriatic Sea at one point, but is mostly inland. Bosnia & Herzegovina is bordered by Croatia (north and west), Montenegro (southeast), and Serbia (east).

Geographically, Bosnia & Herzegovina is very mountainous. The only exceptions to this are in the far north, which is somewhat flat, and along the river valleys, which are numerous. These river valleys provide somewhat level changes to or from elevation and are the best routes of transportation in an otherwise isolated and inaccessible country.


Bosnian Geography - Landscape

Bosnia & Herzegovina's seasons are very distinct and the country has a couple geographical variations, which also affect weather. Winters (December-February) can be cold in the mountains and in Sarajevo, which is at elevation, but temperatures are fairly temperate along the narrow coast. During this time, temperatures along and near the coast average about 45-50˚ F (8-10˚), while Sarajevo averages about 32˚ F (0˚ C).

The spring and fall (autumn) are unpredictable as the snow can come early in the fall or stay late in the spring in many mountains ranges. The river valleys and lowlands are more predictable, but again can be the recipient of the excess water from the mountains.

Bosnia & Herzegovina's summers are moderate as Sarajevo averages 65-70˚ F (18-20˚ C), but daily highs can get up to 80˚ F (27˚ C).


Bosnia & Herzegovina's wildlife is quite varied and mammals present include bears, wolves, and pigs along with many smaller animals. Sea life, however is quite opposite as the country only briefly borders the Adriatic Sea so most sea life is confined to the rivers and lakes.

There are a number of birds that pass through the country on migratory routes, but as a fairly mountainous country many of these remain along the Adriatic coast, except a few that are more adapted to the altitude.

This page was last updated: March, 2013