• United States!

    United States: Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Go Now!

    United States
    Explore the vast openness and wildlife found roaming in the western United States, including Theodore Roosevelt National Park (pictured) in North Dakota. Begin Your Journey!

  • Cuba!

    Cuba: Sandy beach. Go Now!

    Many people fear the unknowns of Cuba, but the history, culture, food, and impressive beaches lure many visitors every year. Explore Cuba!

  • Guatemala!

    Guatemala: Colorful culture. Go Now!

    Colorful Guatemala offers something for every visitor: great food, ancient Mayan ruins, and pristine beaches. Go Now!

  • Honduras!

    Honduras: Children. Go Now!

    The original banana republic, Honduras has made a name for itself with the banana trade; however foreign influences have also vastly altered the culture. Go Now!

  • The Bahamas!

    The Bahamas: Nassau's street art. Go Now!

    The Bahamas
    Although the Bahamas is primarily known for its beaches to tourists, the capital city of Nassau is known for its street art (pictured). Explore the Bahamas!

  • Jamaica!

    Jamaica: Pristine beach. Go Now!

    Jamaican culture is about relaxation, great foods, friendly competition, and so much more. A good place to start is on the beach. Begin Your Journey!

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