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Social Life in Chile


The Chileans are conservative in most aspects of their lives and this is best seen in their behaviors. They tend to dress and act conservatively, much of which is based on the tenants of the Catholic Church.

As a visitor to Chile try to follow the lead of the locals by dressing conservatively (see below for details), dining in the local etiquette (see our Chile Dining & Food Page), and avoid doing anything that makes you stand out as a foreigner (although most locals will surely pick you out as a tourist no matter how hard you try to fit in). Also try to avoid being loud, rude, showing off wealth, or getting noticeably drunk in public.


Most people in Chile dress in the European style and, as most people are primarily ethnic European, the fashions change with those in Europe and elsewhere. However, the Chileans are somewhat conservative and wearing anything too revealing or even anything that makes a person stand out from the crowd is generally avoided. Rarely does a Chilean wear bright colors or anything that shows much skin at home or at work. In the office most people dress in a style similar to that of Europe or North America.

As a visitor to Chile it is best to dress in a similar style as the Chileans, but this should mean both conservative dress as well as nothing that makes you stand out. Shirts that reveal where you're from, old clothes, or bright colors should be avoided, although wearing these won't truly offend anyone.

This page was last updated: November, 2013