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Geography, Weather, & Wildlife of Estonia


Estonian Geography - River in the hills
River in the hills

Estonia is a "Baltic State," which is located in northern Europe on the Baltic Sea. Estonia borders Latvia (south) and Russia (east); Finland is close as well, as that country lies across the Gulf of Finland to the north.

Geographically, Estonia is fairly low-lying, but uniform as it stands just above sea level on the Baltic Sea. Much of the country is too low to prevent flooding, hence deterring living, but the northern coast and the far southeast provide better drainage or higher elevations so less flooding. Climatic conditions have a greater role in living conditions than does geography.


Estonia has two primary seasons, plus short springs and falls (autumns). Winter and the surrounding months can be cold as Tallinn only averages about 25˚ F (-4˚ C) during this time.

Summers are short, but have long days as temperatures in Tallinn average about 62˚ F (16˚ C), but the long sunny days can get much warmer.


Living in Estonia's many forests are a number of mammals, including elk, deer, and pigs, along with many rarer animals and dozens of small woodland animals like rabbits, mink, and foxes. There are many sea animals as Estonia is bordered by water on two sides; cod, salmon, and herring are common.

There are numerous birds that migrate to or through Estonia, while few remain year round.

This page was last updated: March, 2013