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Ethnicity, Language, & Religion of Guyana


Over 40% of Guyana's population is entirely (east) Indian. However, India is home to dozens of ethnic groups and in Guyana there is little distinction from one ethnic group to the next; many people are a combination of numerous ethnicities, although they tend to be northern Indian ethnic groups. Another 30% of the population is wholly African, about 15% is of mixed ethnicity, and about 10% is wholly Amerindian.


There are multiple languages spoken in Guyana, but English seems to be the main language of communication across groups. Within varying groups other languages are preferred as the (east) Indian population tends to speak Caribbean Hindustani (a dialect of Bhojpuri), the indigenous people speak rare native languages, and others speak Urdu or some form of English Creole, again depending on their ethnicity or culture.


About a third of Guyana's population is Protestant, but there is little continuity in the particular sect of Protestantism. About half of the people that are Protestant are Pentecostal and about a quarter of the Protestants are Anglican, a result of past British influence and settlement. Nearly another third of the population is Hindu and nearly all of these adherents are ethnic (east) Indians. The rest of the population is quite divided religiously; the largest of these many groups are Roman Catholics, which make up about 8% of the population and Muslims make up about 7%.

This page was last updated: May, 2014