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Architecture of Kuwait

Kuwaiti Architecture - Kuwait City
Kuwait City

Architecture in Kuwait is severely limited due to the country's short history and the region's previous time as an unpopulated desert. Among the earliest still standing structures are a couple minarets, but no full buildings.

Of the earliest surviving buildings, the Alkhamis Mosque (1773) and the Abd Al Razzag Mosque (1797) are about the most impressive, both in Kuwait City. Outside mosque architecture during this time there were numerous houses, of which few fully exist to the present. These were generally made of stone and they generally had a courtyard. Many also had "wind catchers" that would circulate air through the buildings as natural cooling mechanisms.

In more recent history, primarily since the country discovered oil in the 1930s, many historic buildings were torn down and new, modern buildings were constructed, again primarily in Kuwait City. These modern buildings are no different from other modern buildings, using materials and machines created by the Industrial Revolution, including concrete, steel, and cranes. There are numerous modern buildings in Kuwait City, the city's water towers being the most iconic of these architectural monuments. Kuwait Towers is also an impressive landmark.

This page was last updated: March, 2013