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Architecture of Luxembourg

Luxembourger Architecture - Vianden Castle
Vianden Castle

Although some early stone architecture from the Roman times and prior exist in Luxembourg, they are little more than building bases today. The earliest major architectural achievements that remain today are from the Gothic period and latter.

The country contains many old castles and other fortifications. The Castle of Vianden (1000s-1200s), Beaufort Castle (1000s), and Clervaux Castle (built in the 1100s, reconstructed in the 1900s) are all excellent examples of Romanesque or Gothic architecture and symbolize the importance of Luxembourg's location and need for fortifications. The Abbey of Echternach (600 or 700s, rebuilt in the 1000s) is a church from this same time in the same style.

Luxembourger Architecture - Grand Ducal Palace
Grand Ducal Palace

In the 1600-1700s came a number of additional styles and buildings throughout the country as rulers over the region switched from one foreign occupier to the next. These variations in leadership also led to various architectural styles, most of which found their way to the capital of Luxembourg City. Just a couple examples include the Grand Ducal Palace (late 1500s), which is in the Moorish style and Saint Michael's Church (current look dates from 1688), which is in the Baroque style

As in the past, Luxembourg City leads the way with modern architecture. The Philharmonie Luxembourg (2005) is a stunning modern building as is the Museum of Modern Art (or Mudam; 2006).

This page was last updated: March, 2013