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Geography, Weather, & Wildlife of Malta


Maltese Geography - Azure Window
Azure Window

Malta is an island nation in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea. Its closet neighbor is the island of Sicily (part of Italy) to its north and about twice as far away to its west is Tunisia.

Geographically, Malta is just a couple flat islands as every part of the small country is very close to the sea.


Maltese Geography - Valletta Harbor
Valletta Harbor

Malta has a relatively predictable weather pattern. Summers are hot and dry with average highs of 88° F (31° C). The rest of the seasons are more humid; winters get a lot of rain, but temperatures only fall to about 55° F (12° C). Springs and falls (autumns) can also get rain as temperatures remain closer to summer temperatures for most of these seasons. The most unpredictable aspect of the weather is the winds, which can be fierce and may bring in humidity or temperature changes rather quickly.


There are few mammals in Malta; this select group includes the hedgehog, weasel, and some bat species. However, as an island nation, there are plenty of fish in the waters surrounding the country, including sardines among others.

The weather and the variety of fish attract a number of birds to Malta. Owls, swallows, ospreys, and others make the islands home or stop by during their annual migration. There are also a large number of insects on the islands.

This page was last updated: March, 2013