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Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in Moldova

Relationships in Moldova tend to start early as families in the country are often eager to see their children marry and start a family. This is only slightly delayed in the cities as many students meet and marry in their early 20s and few women are still single by the age of 25.

When a couple decides to get married it turns into a huge event over the course of two or three days. It generally consists of drinking, dancing, getting to know the other family, along with numerous other traditions. The events are long so the families can get to know each other and they are generally broken down into three different segments.

Arguably the most important part of the ceremony is the socialization between the families and this is why wedding go on for days. The first day is typically filled with drinking and dancing as no formal wedding ceremonies actually occur. This socialization then continues on into days two and three of the ceremony. There is almost always a formal church ceremony, which marries the couple in the eyes of God and the church. The final part of a wedding is the legal wedding ceremony itself, which takes place at the courthouse or another legal authority. Most guests usually tag along to this formal signing of the papers and afterwards a tour of the city is generally required. The wedding couple gets their picture taken at every sight and memorial as they leave flowers at each; the guests often accompany them with vodka and wine in hand. Of course the ceremony ends as it began, with socialization, drinking, and dancing.

Most young couples live with one of their families after getting married as homes tend to house at least two generations. Most families encourage them to start families early, but few women have more than two children and more commonly families only have one or two children.

This page was last updated: March, 2013