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Social Life in Monaco


The Monegasque are very well aware of the world around them as well as the differences in opinions and behaviors. Because of this they are quite understanding of various cultures and foreigners so odd behaviors are generally accepted (but not encouraged).

As a visitor to Monaco, just try to follow the lead of the locals by dressing in like manner (see below for details), dining in the local etiquette (see our Monaco Dining & Food Page), and avoid sensitive conversation topics, such as politics, finances, and business unless initiated by your local counterpart.


The traditional dress of Monaco was similar to that of nearby France, but the days of this traditional dress are long past. There is still a bit of the traditional dress found in the formality of the country today with white suits and simple white, red, and black dresses commonly found at weddings and other formal events.

However, today the people of Monaco have primarily abandoned this traditional dress and instead just always dress well, which usually means on the formal and conservative side and always means on the fashionable side. Fashion is incredibly important in Monaco and the people dress to impress no matter where they are going, even if just running out for a few minutes.

As a visitor to Monaco be sure to dress well. On the beaches swimsuits are alright, but everywhere else long pants and fashionable shirts are expected. In fact, few places will allow you in if you aren't dressed well enough, including the Monte Carlo Casino.

This page was last updated: November, 2013