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Geography, Weather, & Wildlife of Monaco


Monacan Geography - Monaco

Monaco is one of the world's smallest countries, but has some of Europe's best real estate. The tiny country is right on the Mediterranean Sea (actually the Ligurian Sea, which is connected to the Mediterranean) and its other three sides are bordering France. It is also very close to the Italian border.

Geographically, Monaco is a small stretch of land along the coast, but rises quickly into hills that provide great views over the sea from nearly every location.


Monaco's weather is generally dependent on the Mediterranean Sea and the direction of the winds. Winters average about 50° F (9° C), although winds from the nearby Alps can make the city even cooler. Summers, however can get excessively hot with daily highs between 82-86˚ F (28-30˚C). Springs and falls (autumns) are when most of the rain falls as the temperatures are a bit more unpredictable.


Monaco is home to little wildlife today as the country is a very small and densely populated strip of land along the Mediterranean Sea. There are some small mammals, like squirrels and some migrating birds that still pass by today. However, the most significant wildlife is in the sea itself as much of the region is protected and the government has made knowledge of the marine life a point of emphasis.

This page was last updated: March, 2013