• Explore: Kazakhstan!

    Kazakhstan: A lonely yurt. Go Now!

    The Kazakhs were nomadic and today some people cling to this historic past and live in yurts (pictured). Go Now!

  • Explore: Liechtenstein!

    Liechtenstein: Gutenburg Castle. Go Now!

    Although small, Liechtenstein offers a big punch, particularly in Gutenburg Castle (pictured) and the beautiful Alps. Go Now!

  • Explore: India!

    India: Taj Mahal in Agra. Go Now!

    India is among the world's most diverse countries, but for many outsiders, the food and the world famous Taj Mahal (pictured) highlight this colorful country. Explore India!

  • Explore: Italy!

    Italy: Rome' historic buildings. Go Now!

    Crumbling buildings in Rome (pictured) only add to the atmosphere in a country where old is redefined and western civilization begins. Explore Italy!

  • Explore: Bolivia!

    Bolivia: Salt flats. Go Now!

    This hidden gem is full of surprises, from the impressive salt flats (pictured) to the migrating flamingos. It also clings to the most historic indigenous culture on the continent. Explore Bolivia!

  • Explore: Costa Rica!

    Costa Rica: Rainforest wildlife. Go Now!

    Costa Rica & Panama
    The wilderness and jungles of Costa Rica and Panama (pictured) are difficult to maneuver, but are home to wonders behind every leaf. Explore Costa Rica or Panama