• Explore: Norway!

    Norway: Lustrafjord. Go Now!

    Incredible fjords, including the Lustrafjord (pictured), plus delicious seafood, kind people, and a culture rooted in winter sports. Begin Your Journey!

  • Explore: Portugal!

    Portugal: Palace of Pena. Go Now!

    Although next to the seas and made famous by trade, Portugal boasts dynamic landscapes and architecture, including the Palace of Pena (pictured) near the town of Sintra. Go to Portugal!

  • Explore: Myanmar!

    Myanmar: Locals in Bagan. Go Now!

    Explore the historic ruins in Bagan, or meet the local people (pictured), who are friendly and curious to learn about every visitor. Begin Your Journey!

  • Explore: Australia!

    Australia: Great Barrier Reef. Go Now!

    The world's largest and most famous reef, the Great Barrier Reef (pictured) is enough to draw many to Australia, but the cities, foods, and untamed interior are also reason enough to visit. Begin Your Journey!

  • Explore: Costa Rica!

    Costa Rica: Rainforest wildlife. Go Now!

    Costa Rica & Panama
    The wilderness and jungles of Costa Rica and Panama (pictured) are difficult to maneuver, but are home to wonders behind every leaf. Explore Costa Rica or Panama

  • Explore the: United Arab Emirates!

    United Arab Emirates: "Empty Quarter" desert. Go Now!

    United Arab Emirates
    The "Empty Quarter" (pictured) is among the most daunting deserts in the world. Of course the United Arab Emirates has much more as well. Explore the U.A.E!