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Top 5 Places to Travel to in the Philippines

By Amber Rosh
July 28, 2014

There are many destinations in the Philippines worth visiting. Here's a list of my favorites:


Philippines article
Pristine Waters

This palm-studded tropical isle is usually an address for sun buffs. The wonderful stretches of white-sand beaches and superior blue seas are magnetizing; one wouldn't like to end his or her trip.

Boracay caters to both those who find themselves looking for a calming environment filled with much sunlight and also those who find themselves into water sports. This famous tropical isle, within the traditional Western Visayas, is a favorite traveler destination. However, the place by no means will get lonesome as it is filled with readers and tourists all year long.


The island of Palawan is for a certified nature seeker, as many of Mother Nature's handiwork tends to be stored and also cared for here. This tropical isle is teaming with healthy assets, including its beautiful and unexploited ailment: virgin rainforests, majestic scenes, primeval caves, and gorgeous beaches.

Boat lifestyle abounds as Palawan serves world-class water sports. Palawan's salt water assets tend to be world-class and also perfect for scuba diving and reef fishing.

Palawan has won a great number of titles and it is home to the nearby Tubbataha Reef, an undercover river, El Nido, Honda Bay… and more of Mother Nature's best.


Baguio is the country's rising star in the north and is a good vacation spot for travelers seeking to obtain exciting entertainment outside the waters. While Boracay and Palawan offer good seas, the city of Baguio normally takes pride in its mountains, majestically sitting among them, as though indicating superiority around those on the lowlands.

Baguio is teaming with mountain opinions and sceneries ample to take your breath. The great climate makes it suitable for people from all countries and climates. Witnessing and participating in their Floral Festivity (Panagbenga), which takes place throughout the month of February, will be the type of unique experience you carry with you for the rest of your life.


Home of the famous tarsiers and Chocolate Hills; the island of Bohol is one more good vacation spot full of fame and cultural lineages. It is a sultry retire of organic beauty. Bohol prides by itself on delicate curves and bright yellow sand beaches, plus sufficient reasons for scuba diving in the seas. The dark coral formations are a primary scuba destination and nearby Cabilao is known for the irregular sightings of hammerhead sharks; a number of dolphins also occasionally make an appearance.

Bohol combines the fantastic seas of Boracay and Palawan with the mountainous features of Baguio. It provides close-to-nature activities Mother Nature has rendered for us all.

Philippines article
City View


Recognized to many foreign individuals as the "Queen City of the South," Cebu prides by itself on its buzzing metropolitan buildings, making it a global center for small business travelers and individuals. Its highlights begin with the popular cultural festival, Sinulog (third Sunday of January). Even with its metropolitan status, Cebu has some spectacular world-class beach fronts and hotels. Cebu City is also suited for basking in the sunlight and unique scuba diving experiences.

About the Author:

Amber Rosh is a passionate blogger, living in UK. She writes on behalf of Turkey Visa. She loves to write as a guest blogger with interest in Travel, Health and Automotive. You can contact Amber at writeramberrosh@gmail.com.

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