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Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in Paraguay

Generally, young men and women will live with their parents until they marry, at which time they will move into a new place together. Most Paraguayans marry at some point in their life, either in a church wedding or a civil ceremony. There is also a significant minority of couples that will live together, but never marry.

Marriage in Paraguay varies from couple to couple, but there seems to be a social tolerance for men to be unfaithful, while women are expected to remain loyal. Despite this, very few couple divorce, partially due to the viewpoint of the Catholic Church and society, both of whom look down upon the act. Like this double standard, most families are headed by the husband, who is expected to financially provide for the family and who makes all major decisions. Women tend to be the primary caretaker and maintain the home, but today many women also work.

No matter the relationship, the family is truly the center of Paraguayan society. The immediate family in Paraguay may be somewhat small as most couples have one or two children, but that number varies from couple to couple. Beyond this, extended family is very important and includes cousins, parents, Godparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

This page was last updated: November, 2013