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Architecture of Serbia

Serbian Architecture - Studenica Monastery
Studenica Monastery

Serbia's architectural monuments are limited in scope, partially because many historic buildings are in the former capital cities of Prizren, Pristina, or Skopje, all of which now fall outside their borders. Additionally, due to war and violence in the 1990s much of the country's historic architecture, primarily in Belgrade, was destroyed due to internal violence or United Nation's bombings.

Serbian Architecture - Sopochanin Monastery
Sopochanin Monastery

Among the best preserved ancient architecture in Serbia today are old Roman ruins in Gamzigrad, but these ruins don't compare to many others throughout Europe. Stari Ras also has ancient ruins, which are in better condition and are more authentically Serbian. The site contains the monastery at Sopocani (1200s) and the Petrova Church (700s), both of which are excellent examples of early church architecture in the Balkan Peninsula.

There are a number of historic churches and monasteries spread throughout the country with some history. The Studenica Monastery (1100-1300s) near Kraljevo is a good example of traditional Serbian architecture, while most other churches in Serbia have been influenced by the occupying Byzantines, Turks and Austria-Hungarians, although again many of these have been destroyed over time.

This page was last updated: May, 2014