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Ethnicity, Language, & Religion of Sweden


The majority of the people living in Sweden are ethnic Swedes. This ethnicity is similar to other Nordic ethnicities (Norwegian, Danish, & Icelandic) and is a further descendent of Germanic ethnicities. There are also significant Finnish and Sami minorities in Sweden. The Sami are distance relatives of the Uralic ethnicities from Central Asia, including the Finns, who are also Uralic.


The only official language of Sweden is Swedish, although Sami and Finnish are spoken among many of the ethnic minorities of the same names. Swedish, like other Scandinavian languages, is in the North Germanic language family and is most closely related to Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic.

Nearly everyone in Sweden is at least bilingual with English being the overwhelming favorite for a second language. Nearly everyone in the country is at least conversational in English if not completely fluent. Other major European languages are also commonly taught, including German, Spanish, and French, but not to the degree English is learned.


The majority of Sweden's population is Lutheran, although there is no official religion. Other religions are also practiced in much smaller numbers, most of which are other Christian sects.

Lutheranism is a protestant religion that was founded by and named after Martin Luther, who led the Protestant Reformation. Like all Christian and protestant faiths, Lutherans believe there is one God and that His son, Jesus is the savior and forgiver of sins. Lutherans also believe that the Bible, which includes the Old and New Testaments, is the only true word of God. It is generally in the interpretation of the Bible that protestant religions vary and this is true in the case of Lutheranism, which tends to interpret the Bible quite differently from Catholicism, which was the religion Lutheranism separated from.

This page was last updated: May, 2014