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SyriaThe name Syria comes from the Greek name of the Assyrian people, who still exist in small numbers in Syria and other countries. The name of the Assyrian's land was Assyria, which historically made up parts of modern day Iraq, Syria, and nearby countries; the name was adopted by modern day Syria.

WARNING: Syria is currently in civil war, please read this travel warning before going!


The land of Syria is quite fertile and over time a great number of people have passed through the region, leading to a country that has been exposed to numerous cultures and people. Today many aspects of this history are still present in Syria's culture and way of life as the country is fairly diverse and the people tend to live off the land. However, one aspect that arrived and remained is the influence of Islam, which the country has been a center of for centuries.

The people of Syria tended to settle along rivers and other fertile regions as much of the economy was based on agriculture in the past and even today many people make a living on farming. While the economy is much more diversified today, farming and agriculture still form an important part of the economy and culture.

While the lands and foods form a strong core for the people and their culture, the introduction of Islam has made a greater impact on the culture and people; today most aspects of daily life is rooted in the people's Muslim faith. This religion dictates many aspects of daily life as it restricts what can be eaten, dictates how to dress, and how to behave, most particularly in regards to relationships between men and women. However, how these laws are interpreted widely varies from individual to individual so great diversity exists in the country.

Sadly, another part of the daily life in Syria revolves around conflicts with neighboring Israel and the Jews, partially rooted in extreme views not shared by the majority. However, for many people living in Syria this conflict is very personal since many were residents of the Israeli lands prior to the formation of that country, leading to arguments and bitterness. However, views are not uniform across the people as opinions vary greatly, leading to internal arguments and, in 2012, violence in the form of civil war. Life in Syria today is uncertain as the people regularly live under threats and hostilities.

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