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    Known for its natural beauty, Norway is home to isolated villages, fjords, and mountains that create a culture and landscape without compare. Begin Your Journey!

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    Few people have even heard of this small Micronesian country, but those who have often return with stories of beauty unmatched elsewhere, such as view of the "70 Islands" (pictured). Go Now!

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    Fusion foods, lively music, historic ruins, and cultural events like the Running of the Bulls and La Tomatina make Spain and Barcelona (pictured) a favorite tourist destination. Explore Spain!

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    Tucked away in this Middle Eastern country, the famed city of Petra (pictured) links the past to the present culture. Explore Jordan!

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    Although many people just go for the beaches, Mexico offers impressive mountain vistas (pictured in Puerto Vallarta), great food, and historic ruins that compete with the best in the world. Begin Your Journey!

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Travel Warnings & Alerts!

The below travel warnings are for your information as a precaution before or during travel to the countries listed below. Please note that this list is limited in scope, does not contain every danger, may not be up to date, and may be missing relevant information. Additionally, it does not contain any travel warnings for any African country at this time.

Before traveling, check with your country's Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of State, or similar government agency to get updated information.

All travel requires risks and the below information is only intended to help you make a more informed decision; it is not intended to be the sole criteria for making your travel decisions. All risk associated with travel is still the responsibility of the traveler.

Ukraine: August, 2014

WARNING: Ukraine recently experienced the loss of their president and a rising in protests as well as increased military presence by both Ukraine and foreign powers. Violence in eastern Ukraine has increased in recent months and travel to any part of Ukraine at this time is not recommended.

Russia: August, 2014

WARNING: Due to conflicts with neighboring Ukraine, security in Russia is unsettled. There is a large amount of violence near the border with Ukraine and travel to these areas is not recommended. Travel to the rest of Russia is much safer, however political tensions between Russia and many foreign powers are high.

Israel: July, 2014

WARNING: Tensions in Israel are very high and many international airline carriers have suspended flights to the country due to violence. This is the latest in a long line of violence and attacks over the last half century. Attacks in various parts of Israel are common, from organized military operations to suicide bombers and these threats are ever-present. The areas in and near the West Bank and Gaza Strip are the most dangerous areas, although no place in Israel is entirely safe.

Yemen: July, 2014

WARNING: Terrorist activities and civil unrest are present in Yemen. Additionally, four people were killed in clashes between police and protesters outside the United States Embassy in Sana'a, Yemen in September, 2012; this was the result of a film that negatively portrayed the Prophet Mohammed. This was the latest in a long string of violent acts in Yemen. In October, 2000 the USS Cole, a military ship from the United States, was attacked by members of al-Qaeda, which has a strong presence in Yemen. Today violence is a very real threat, especially to many citizens of western nations.

India: March, 2014

WARNING: Numerous police officers were killed in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh in March, 2014. This is the latest in a long line of terrorist attacks in India. In July, 2011 over twenty people were killed in the city of Mumbai due to a terrorist attack. In September, 2008 a number of bombings went off in the city of Ahmedabad, killing over 50 people. Prior to, and during this time, dozens of other bombings have killed a large number of people, with bombings a regular occurrence each year. While bombings are unpredictable as to where and when, most attacks have taken place in the western part of India, including the city of Mumbai and in the province of Gujarat, although bombings have taken place in nearly every major city, including Bangalore and Delhi among many others.

Afghanistan: January, 2014

WARNING: Afghanistan is still in a transitional period as war and violence still lingers in the country after war broke out in 2001. This war continues to create violence and attacks on both locals and foreigners alike. Travel to Afghanistan at this time is not recommended.

Iran: January, 2014

WARNING: The Iranian government is not on good terms with the governments of the United States and the government of Israel, among others. While generally safe, if you are an American or Israeli citizen or a citizen of another country, with which Iran has poor relations, be aware that travel to Iran is not recommended. Travel to Iran is also not recommended for Iranian-American dual citizens as some have been prevented from leaving Iran.

Iraq: January, 2014

WARNING: Iraq is still in a transitional period as war and violence continues to linger in the country after war broke out in 2003. This war continues to create violence and attacks on both locals and foreigners alike. Travel to Iraq at this time is not recommended.

Syria: January, 2014

WARNING: Civil war broke out in Syria in March, 2011 and violence from this civil war is ongoing. No part of Syria is safe and the entire country should be avoided now and into the foreseeable future.

Lebanon: January, 2014

WARNING: Some of the violence in neighboring Syria has spilled into Lebanon. Additionally, there are a number of terrorist groups with bases in the country, including Hezbollah. Although attacks targeting foreigners is somewhat rare, the government is not able to guarantee protection to foreign visitors as suicide bombings have increased and terrorist attacks are unpredictable so travel to Lebanon is not recommended at this time.

Pakistan: January, 2014

WARNING: In June, 2013 a camp of foreign mountain climbers was killed in Pakistan by terrorists. Additionally, al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan in May, 2011 by United States military forces. This has led to strained relations between these two countries as well as with other countries. It has also led to a backlash against foreigners in Pakistan as many foreigners have been targeted, attacked and killed in the country. Any travel to Pakistan at this time is not recommended.

Saudi Arabia: January, 2014

WARNING: Saudi Arabia is generally a safe country as the government has good relations with most nations and security is high. However, there are a number of terrorist groups with branches in the country and many of these terrorist organizations target foreigners. The greatest threats come in the south and in any location catered to foreigners, such as housing compounds and western-styled shopping malls.

North Korea: January, 2014

WARNING: North Korea is an unpredictable and unstable country, whose leadership is not on good terms with nearly every other nation in the world. The country cannot be recommended for travel due to this instability. The situation seems to change monthly or even weekly so prior to travel check with your nation's Department of Foreign Affairs and a travel agency specializing in travel to North Korea to assess the current situation.

Philippines: January, 2014

WARNING: Violence on the island of Mindanao and the surrounding areas, including the Sulu Archipelago, is a constant threat; in April, 2012 a bus bomb killed two people. This is just one of numerous bombings that have taken place over the years in the region. This threat, especially in Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago, remains ever present.

Mexico: January, 2014

WARNING: Areas near the United States-Mexico border and the Guatemala-Mexico border should be avoided due to drug trafficking violence. There is also a risk for violence and kidnapping of locals and foreigners alike in numerous areas, especially in rural areas and on overnight bus journeys. There is also a great deal of violence in cities and throughout Mexico at night so exercise caution everywhere in the country. Generally, resorts are considered safe in Mexico as they receive thousands of tourists each year.

Cuba: January, 2014

WARNING: The Cuban government is not on good terms with the government of the United States and a few other countries. While generally safe, if you are an American citizen or a citizen of another country, with which Cuba has poor relations, be aware that travel to Cuba is not generally recommended.

Haiti: January, 2014

WARNING: Haiti is still recovering from the massive earthquake that hit their country in January, 2010. This has led to a large increase in diseases as the water supply has been contaminated as has much of the food supply. Emergency services are also in poor condition as are communication and transportation networks, leading to poor emergency response times.

El Salvador: January, 2014

WARNING: Although generally safe, violence continues in El Salvador as rival gangs regularly fight in the streets. While most of this violence is aimed at other locals, it has often spilled over to kidnapping, robbing, or killing foreigner, especially those in the wrong place at the wrong time and some attacks are aimed at foreigners in rural landscapes, such as on mountain climbing expeditions.

Honduras: January, 2014

WARNING: Violence is widespread in Honduras and the government doesn't have the resources to prevent much of this crime. The murder rate in the country is the highest in the world and travel in small groups or alone is not recommended, although attacks seems to be unpredictable and can happen to anyone at any time. It doesn't appear that these crimes are aimed at foreigners, but each year foreigners are killed in these attacks.

Colombia: January, 2014

WARNING: While generally safe, drug trafficking in Colombia has led to a number of crimes in the country. These are generally aimed at competing drug traffickers, but can also be aimed at unknowing witnesses. Most of this violence takes place in more rural areas, along the border with Panama, and in certain parts of the large cities; ask your hotel what areas of the city should be avoided if in doubt.

Venezuela: January, 2014

WARNING: Violence is widespread in Venezuela as the murder rate in the country is among the highest in the world and the kidnapping rate is quickly escalating. These attacks are most common in the capital city of Caracas as well as in parts of the country's interior and are targeted at both foreigners and locals alike. Travel during days is safer, but still not completely safe.