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Social Life in the United States of America


The behavior in the United States is much like the dress; there are differences from setting to setting and location to location, but in general acting in a respectful manner is good enough to get by anywhere in the country. Some company may require better etiquette or dining habits, but the Americans tend to be fairly relaxed on this account in most situations; just follow the lead of a local and you should be fine, but if in doubt, be polite and ask.


The Native Americans in what is now the United States dressed in all types of ways depending on what they have available and what the weather was like. People in the far south wore less clothing than those in the north, but the commonality was that everyone wore what was locally available. For example, the hunters in the central states tended to wear bison or deer skins while in the far north the Eskimos (or Inuit) wore seal or caribou. Today few of these traditional clothes are still worn as most people today, no matter their ethnicity, wear western-styled clothes.

The people in the United States today dress in all sorts of fashions and this fashion changes significantly from location to location. Miami is full of small swim suits during the hot summer months, while Alaskans spend winters covered up in full coats, and in Texas cowboy hats and shirts are not out of style any time of the year. On a smaller scale, religious sights tend to require conservative dress, as do business settings, but public parks, beaches, and some shops have few to no dress restrictions so there is much greater diversity in how people dress.

As a visitor to the United States the dress is no different than the locals wear, which is generally western clothing. If visiting churches or other religious sights be sure to wear long pants and in business settings the clothing of choice ranges from business casual to a full suit. If just sightseeing, dressing for the weather is the best way to go and rarely will you get an odd look.

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