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Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in Vanuatu

Dating in Vanuatu must begin with an event Vanuatu is known for: jumping off a large tower with nothing but a vine tied to their feet. This event, called nagol, is done each year in about April or May to prove that a young boy is now a man as he jumps off a tower as high as 100 feet (30 meters); the rope is short enough that if he fell straight down he would hit the ground, but if he jumps away from the tower the rope will tighten and slow him down as he approaches the ground. Once this feat is completed the boy is a man and is ready to marry.

Although ready to marry, first a young man needs to find a wife and this is difficult in that dating in Vanuatu is very subtle and public displays of affection are considered inappropriate. Dating today consists of meeting each other in numerous locations, but generally in private, although some places are more liberal and couples can meet in public, such as Port-Vila. No matter the situation, dating is done subtlety and both families of the couple are expected to approve of the marriage prior to a wedding.

Families today are enjoying greater freedoms and more equality in relationships, but traditional male and female roles still determine much of the family dynamic in Vanuatu. Men are still expected to support the family financially and are looked to for making important decisions, while women are generally expected to keep the house in order and to be the primary caregiver. Most couples have three of four children so families tend to be fairly large. In Port-Vila these roles and the dynamic is slowly changing as more women are working and the large foreign population lives much as they did in their home countries, which varies from couple to couple.

This page was last updated: November, 2013